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Grammar Quest
Comprehensive grammar adventure game, review program, and worksheet creator!

Single License: $10.00
Note: This program is also available as part of the value-priced
"Grammar Pack" Bundle

Grammar Quest lets the students practice grammar through an engaging and addictive gaming interface. The student goes on a "Quest" to one of a dozen exotic locales. There, they must find and unlock the treasure chests scattered about. If they answer the chest's exercise correctly, the treasure is theirs. If they miss it, the treasure is lost. 1000 exercises are included with the registered version, with lessons including parts of speech, word choice, subject and predicate, phrases, subject-verb agreement, fragments and run-ons, and much more. Expansion Pack One and Two are also available with even more exercises and quests. Students can play the quest games, review the exercises with the "Grammar Review" feature, or do the exercises at home with the worksheets you can print instantly from the "Teacher Toolbox" screen. Every topic includes comprehensive and complete online help with examples. There is also a teacher management option so teachers can keep track of individual and class progress!

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